The top 500 in Changchun to promote the economic development of whole

in Changchun, in order to promote the economic development of the city, the Changchun municipal government to increase the intensity of investment, hoping to introduce funds, so that the economic development of Changchun to a new level. Deployment of this year’s investment priorities. Provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Junzheng stressed that investment is an important starting point to promote economic restructuring, is the source of industrial transformation and upgrading of living water, is the key to achieve leapfrog development support.

2016 years of work in the city’s investment effect is obvious: first, the total amount of innovation. The introduction of domestic capital, the actual use of foreign investment grew by 15.3% and 14.7%, respectively, the total increase in the province’s first. Two is the introduction of large enterprises, major projects to achieve new breakthroughs.

newly started more than 100 million key projects of nearly 1200, a number of central enterprises, the top 500 have settled in Changchun. Three is a significant investment in the industrial chain. The local matching rate of automobile and rail passenger car parts was improved significantly. Four emerging industries to accelerate the accumulation of projects. Introduction of HUAWEI, wave and a number of strategic investors. Five investment projects pulling effect is significantly enhanced. Through the expansion of effective investment for the city’s economic growth provides a solid guarantee.

Wang Junzheng last year to y affirmed the work of the city’s investment, but stressed the need to clearly recognize that the current economic transformation and upgrading of the new normal increase investment pressure,

The new normal

economic restructuring intensified competition, the new normal investment environment strengthen increased investment difficulty, we must correctly grasp the situation, with a strong sense of responsibility and urgency to do investment work.

, the more down the economy, corporate investment will be insufficient time, where the work of the strong, practical measures, the more likely the flow of capital to such places!" Wang Junzheng said, to accurately grasp the law, the difficulties into opportunities, the pressure as the driving force, as an active breakthrough, to create conditions to stimulate investment willingness.

for the development of the city, the purpose of investment is not only to attract capital inflows, more often, you can make more opportunities for the development of Changchun. Changchun should actively promote the construction of the core area of innovation and transformation in central Jilin, accelerate the construction of the Changchun economic circle, with a more open attitude to accelerate the development of the regional economy, truly play a leading role in the province’s opening up.

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