Non fake released a street Baichuan seven gold shop on the list


re confirmed the Central Propaganda Department and other eight departments, the national non fake list, a street in our province seven stores on the list, becoming the only gold Baichuan Fujian shoes get non fake shop demonstration enterprise.

as an industry pioneer, gold Baichuan shoes is how talent shows itself? In this connection, the reporter interviewed the general manager of gold Baichuan shoes to wei. According to reports, over the years, not only recognized the quality of gold, "quality" is the root of the victory, but also willing to prove their true concern for the credibility of the real action. Therefore, the gold Baichuan shoes has been carrying out and stressed that "quality is the life of enterprise" business philosophy, and always striving to be the leader in the retail industry integrity "". In 2004, the first national finalists Baichuan gold leather logo promotion business, and eventually become the only one in Qinghai Province leather endorsement. In product quality supervision system, enterprises in accordance with the current national quality management system operation, sale with "China leather logo" famous footwear has been recognized and favored by more and more consumers; pioneered the unsatisfactory return system "and the" lifelong maintenance "and a series of initiatives aimed at safeguarding the interests of consumers in the industry, has won the trust of consumers.

Golden Shoe service quality of every upgrade, not only to allow customers to feel the sincerity of gold, but also to lead the industry to grow together.

gold Baichuan enterprises to establish a set of customer oriented service system, strict import clearance, clearance sales, customer service service. Only from the commodity purchase channels, gold Baichuan shoes direct dialogue with the regular manufacturers, from the source to eliminate fake and inferior products into the market. If there is a quality problem found, immediately notify the next frame. In addition, the gold Baichuan also opened to provide customers with free shoes, such as leather, measuring the identification of professional and thoughtful service.

Yu Wei said that the customer is the survival of the enterprise, only pay attention to and focus on customer needs, enterprises can have a better development. For non fake model shop this honor is a new starting point, Jin Baichuan will work in a more rigorous manner, to protect and safeguard the rights and interests of customers.


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