On the recognition of the advanced assessment offices, 2011 Annual outstanding civil decision

The Bureau of the offices, subordinate units: 2011, the Bureau of all cadres and workers in the correct leadership of the municipal government, the Department of justice under the guidance, earnestly study and implement the spirit of the Seventeenth Party Congress and the seventeen session of the fifth, the six plenary session of the central work in the Administration of justice business has achieved good results, comprehensive completion of the annual target responsibility task, the emergence of a number of advanced collectives and individuals. According to the "rules for the implementation of the civil service incentives (Trial)" the provisions of Xining City, office bureaudepartments lawyers notary management office, two offices, Ding Weidong, Ma Zhenqing, Li Aishe, Ceng Zhiming, Wang Ying red civil servants to be commended; on the institutions of Xining City Legal Aid Center, Xining City Xiadu notary public office of two units, cattle, Yuning Han Qiang, Liu Shihua, Zhao Shuxia four staff commend.       hope received awards and recognition of the advanced offices (unit), outstanding civil servants and excellent staff cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, modest and prudent, actively play an exemplary role. At the same time, call the Bureau of the offices, Juzhu units and all the staff in advanced as an example, learn advanced, catch up with the advanced, with full enthusiasm, high work attitude and pragmatic work style, to achieve new and greater achievements in the administration of justice in the future.       two February 10th  

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