201 large masses of real estate issues rectification

A report to the people, please review the people "public exams, a real estate issue will focus on the public for many years for the first time the" wholesale westernization "in front of the management department. At present, report to the people, please review the people "has entered the late rectification stage, November 29th, report activity live near the end, the city housing security and Property Management Bureau immediately held opinions and suggestions will be assigned, 201 comments, collect feedback during the event and problems specifically assigned by comprehensive rectification, in to report to the people, please review the people" as soon as possible to give people an account.

"for the supervision of the property services companies, resulting in the property services companies are not in place for the owners of the service is not standardized, the owners reflect the problem can not be solved." "Heshengyuan residential natural gas barrier, heating, not for the yard, garbage piled up everywhere the cost of property publicity." Nanshan Road, No. 13 hospital reservoir was septic tank pollution, groundwater pipeline aging." The city will be included in the 38 Datong Street shantytowns range."…… In this activity, wind supervision group, media monitors and the masses of people to call, visit the feedback of most problems or low-income housing, property management services, the real estate market regulation, the registration of property transactions, housing prices and other aspects of the hot and difficult.

it is understood that the current residents issued no room to prove when charges of $50 higher rectification has been part of the problem. According to the wind supervision group proposed real estate service enterprise efficiency is not too high, the construction industry will further standardize and guide the supervision measures, some enterprise development is not too much, "disease", the city real estate departments to develop specific rectification rectification scheme, include: whether low-income housing construction quality standards, fair distribution the provisions of the state fair; real estate development exists without a license or pre-sale pre-sale of commercial housing; residential property management fees whether standard, whether the implementation of the price for housing transactions in accordance with the provisions; the existence of charges etc.. The rectification will be divided into three stages,

  is expected to be completed in May 1st next year;

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