Huangyuan Micro urban construction highlights livelihood

landscaping, sidewalk pavement, road public facilities, farmers market parking lot construction, landscape construction…… Although these projects are not invested, but everywhere reflects the Huangyuan county Party committee and government to focus on people’s feelings, reflect public opinion, improve people’s livelihood as the original intention, so that the masses solemn commitment to 10 real event landing.

from the tiny bit to improve the city environment, Huangyuan county through the implementation of micro micro urban construction, afforestation project, and earnestly solve the county primary and secondary roads and Qinghai Tibet railway intersection travel difficult problem, Huangyuan County Transit Railway surrounding environment has been greatly improved. The new road south street floor, underground passage, landscape wall, special railway fence and nishikoji sidewalk paving, leisure square, landscape and other micro urban construction projects, not only won the masses continue to work in the county Party committee and government of praise, but also optimize the city environment, enhance the overall image of the county and the construction quality, make Huangyuan shine the micro construction of urban construction projects.


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