Baoziwan town to carry out 7.11 of the world’s population campaign

July 11, 2012 is the twenty-second world population day, the national population and Family Planning Commission this year to promote the theme of "family health, harmony". With the world population day Baoziwan town as an opportunity to focus on the world population day campaign theme of world population and related background materials, carefully organize 13 villages, 2 communities in Baoziwan city to hold the health care, to improve the self protection campaign, invited the health service center for the area of physicians, women of childbearing age free blood pressure measurement and family planning consultation. In the activity, family planning cadres for the masses in the past 0-3 years, contraceptives early education guide planning publicity materials, as well as reproductive health, health, eugenics, the next generation of health, contraception, informed choice, family planning policies and regulations are strong publicity, the event attracted a large number of past the masses, to create a good social publicity atmosphere, further arouse people’s attention to the population problem.


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