Elegant art into the lives of the people of Xining

Chinese to commemorate the people’s Anti Japanese War and the victory of the world anti fascist war 70 anniversary, promote patriotism as the core of the great national spirit, carry forward the spirit of war, elegant art, spread advanced culture, and constantly improve people’s cultural quality and the level of art appreciation, arouse the patriotic public passion. July 24th, 25, sponsored by the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department of the great symphony forever monument, held in the central square people stage. From the United Kingdom, the United States, Iran and other 8 countries, more than 20 international friends and nearly a thousand people watched the show.
show the sound of applause. Qinghai performing arts group of 64 artists and the provincial veteran Choir of the cast of the 62 actors for the general public dedicated a music feast. Symphony concert in the "defend the Yellow River", "in Taihang Mountain," the rhythm of the lively rhythm of the curtain. "My motherland", "I love you", "big China March", "Katyusha", "song of the guerrillas", "the Eight Route Army Song" a dozen pieces in the center of the square over flying, melody expression of the sons and daughters of the infinite love for the motherland party, passionate feelings; the music of the interpretation of the Chinese people are not afraid of a strong enemy, to serve the country ‘s heroic momentum. Finally, in the live concert of the symphony orchestra, the audience stood up and sing, there is no Communist Party, there is no new China, Taiwan came to power under the passion of high, into a piece, the party to climax.


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