2013 China Qinghai international Kunlun jade Expo will be opened in Xining on 14

"white jade, green jade, jade, Kunlun jade light varieties have more than and 10 kinds, and jade, Hetian jade, jade and other jade and diamond and other jewelry, so Kunlun jade Expo as a professional exhibition, jade Kam Po set professional is very important". In September 10th, 2013 Chinese · reporter will be 14 on the opening of the Qinghai International; Kunlun jade (jewelry) to understand the interview preparations for the Expo, the Expo will hire a senior expert and jade jewelry and jade processing professionals by the organizers of the jade, Kam treasure activities, to protect consumers and the interests of the majority of participating merchants.

with the strengthening of the improvement of people’s living standard and health awareness, jade products is more and more popular, the market is increasingly optimistic, but the uneven Kunlun jade market is the focus of the industry. During the Kunlun Expo organizers will invite jade, gold and silver jewelry products, identification of rock and mineral geological engineer quality supervision and inspection station of the national register of CGC, specifically to carry out on-site jewelry, expert ease, on-site activities such as cutting design and machining process, and a live demonstration of jade carving master of jade, jade of Kunlun the original stone and jade collection of investment secret, let the people grasp more knowledge to distinguish between true and false jade jewelry, jade jewelry and can buy at the scene at ease.

it is understood that, in addition to large jade Kam Po activities, the exhibition there are more exciting exciting aspect, such as, exhibitors will provide raw materials, fine jade, jewelry and other special auction goods, held by the organizers professionals on-site auction, participating merchants and the masses will get a lot of hac. In addition, there are wonderful jewelry wedding show activities, the organizers and the Wedding Association, will be at the Expo site to show a perfect combination of jade jewelry and wedding fashion model show.

is the professional Kunlun jade (jewelry) Expo attracted many customers and the industry’s eye, have been identified will have nearly 150 clients from Beijing, Yunnan, Zhejiang, Taiwan, Xining, Golmud and other places to participate in the expo. The province has more than 70 exhibitors about. Expo will set up 6 special booth, standard booth about 150. Folk arts and crafts in our province, the national cultural characteristics of Thangka, embroidery, etc. will also be an exhibition at the expo. (author: Xiao Yu)

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