Public vote voted the most beautiful people in Qinghai ready

November 29th morning, Xining downtown plaza surging poll, hundreds of Xining city streets cadres, staff and ordinary citizens gathered here to participate in the "most beautiful Qinghai" award a public vote. Vote by the masses, will be selected from the province’s 50 candidates, the most beautiful people in Qinghai to be commended in.

is vigorously promoting the construction of Qinghai civilization, mobilize the masses to actively participate in and support the ideological and moral practice, promote the good and the beautiful, positive energy transfer, according to the Provincial Committee of civilization work arrangements, in May this year, the most beautiful people in Qinghai "selection activities started in the province. As of November 1st, the province recommended a total of 231, the most beautiful Qinghai candidates. After the selection of the activities of the Organizing Committee Office audit, identified 50 formal candidates. They all come from the grassroots line, respectively, in dedication, unity and fraternity, courageous, serving the masses, filial piety old Pro Pro, public spirited and other aspects of the outstanding performance.

November 20th, the organizing committee will contest the 50 "major stories and photos of the most beautiful people in Qinghai" candidates in newspapers and other media for the publicity, also published a notice, vote voting rules and public votes. From November 20th to 30 in an open ballot.

the masses to participate in this activity, as in the eyes of the most beautiful people in Qinghai cast a vote, at present, across the province received a total of more than 25 pieces of paper ballots, participate in online voting has also exceeded 150 thousand. (author: Xin Yuanrong)


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