Spring afforestation highlights in our province

recently, the State Forestry Bureau of the three North Shelterbelt Construction Bureau of the province in 2016 spring planting in the inspection guidance, line inspection team through the field of view of Xining, Huangzhong, Huangyuan, South City Haidong Industrial Park, Ledu District, Huzhu Tu Autonomous County, Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County, spring planting situation, agreed that in our province, afforestation projects in an orderly manner in accordance with "big ecology, channel, promotion" ideas, bright scene.

afforestation, the province around the various departments in the city, town, village inhabited areas, in order to quickly improve the living environment to give full play to the social benefits of forestry as the main purpose, insight on the creation, see seam insert green. Transportation, water conservancy, power supply first, after qualified by the forestry department for large size seedlings to create a high standard of ecological forest. To improve the ecological environment in the mountainous area, and to provide water conservation for the sustainable development of economy and society, the main purpose of this paper is to build a water conservation forest. 2009-2015 create a forest of 87 thousand hectares, nearly 467 thousand hectares of afforestation.

at the same time, the domestic highway as the backbone, provincial, prefecture and county, township, Village Road extension, large-scale construction of Easy Access, 2011 -2015 in the province’s highway on both sides to create 20-40 meters wide belt of nearly 600 kilometers. At the same time, the Xining ring highway on both sides of view within the scope of the forests to carry out a comprehensive high standard of afforestation, city, state, county, township and village roads on both sides of planting two rows of trees or trees, basically completed at the same time and road greening.

not only that, around the two mountains and north of Xining, nearly 14 thousand and 700 hectares of woodland and shrub land in conifers and shrubs to promote the transformation of the lack of forest land, and completely change the status quo of Xining lack of forest green. Since 2013, invested 1 thousand and 500 yuan per mu, the transformation of the low efficiency of the forest of 4 thousand and 900 hectares, with an investment of nearly $10 thousand per mu, for the construction of the north and south two mountains.


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