The province’s commodity housing stock fell 14.78%

according to the data of real estate information system network show that as of the end of August, the province’s commercial housing sales area of 3 million 858 thousand and 100 square meters, an increase of 60.43%; the area of commercial housing inventory decreased from 7 million 494 thousand and 200 in 2015 to 6 million 387 thousand and 200 square meters, down 14.78%.

this year is a crucial year to promote structural reform of the supply side. In order to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market in our province, conscientiously implement the provincial government "on the implementation of opinions" to promote the real estate inventory, formulated the "opinions" on accelerating the development of housing rental market, and encourage qualified real estate development enterprises from single sales to video simultaneously change the mode of development.

at the same time, increase the real estate market supervision, the property services companies and real estate intermediary institutions into the scope of credit evaluation management, to further standardize the work of the province’s housing transactions in all sectors of the real estate transaction, foster a batch of outstanding enterprises, enhance the quality of construction and the living environment. Give full play to the role of the Qinghai real estate information system, closely grasp around the market daily trading, strengthen the analysis of the real estate market, monthly, quarterly, annual release of the real estate market analysis report, enrich and perfect the real estate market analysis report. Initiative and CDB, agricultural docking, the implementation of the loan funds as soon as possible, and urge the timely use of loan funds, and continue to promote the transformation of the money market placement, plus greenhouses to promote supervision and inspection efforts to improve the operating rate of the shed change. Continue to play a good role in the housing accumulation fund, with good enough housing provident fund to improve the utilization rate of housing provident fund.


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