Spring precipitation help Haidong spring

recently, Haidong region has been a significant precipitation weather, which is effective to alleviate the drought in the early stage, improve soil moisture is very favorable.

it is understood that this year, the city plans to sow all kinds of crops 212000 hectares, the city has sown area of 30360 hectares, accounting for about 14.32% of the plan. The counties (District) is actively organize agricultural films, chemical fertilizer, seed and early maturing forage maize transport and supply.

seed sector and the supply and marketing departments based in agricultural production needs, actively contact sources, intensify agricultural reserves, effectively protect the spring supply; supply and marketing departments to make full use of county, township and village three agricultural continuous distribution network platform, and actively take the source of incoming quality safety, fertilization, telephone booking, send fertilizer to the village households etc. spring, ensure the supply of agricultural means of production market; at all levels of agriculture and animal husbandry law enforcement personnel to carry out the "green protecting farmers’ agricultural crackdown special action. At present, the city’s abundant seed reserves, surplus fertilizer and pesticide reserves, agricultural price stability, quality supervision of agricultural products in place.

to ensure the spring work smoothly, Haidong City financial departments to strengthen the "three rural" service, support spring production loan demand, has arranged for a loan of 118 million yuan. At the same time, all in good policy propaganda, solving the basic mass production and living difficulties on the one hand, in accordance with the requirements of the new occupation farmer training, extensive training of farmers, focusing on fertilization, seed marketing, film mulching potato cultivation techniques of agricultural practical technology knowledge. On the other hand, do farm machinery repair, agricultural machinery operation guidance and service work, so far, has organized 750 training courses, training a total of 64 thousand people participated in the agricultural science and technology information issued more than 6.6 copies, maintenance of various types of farm machinery 6736 taiwan.


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