Xining forest fire into a level of combat readiness

October 12th, the city’s forest fire prevention work conference held. The meeting pointed out that this winter, the city’s forest fire situation is grim, forest fire prevention work is facing very unfavorable weather conditions, fire hazards are very prominent, more difficult task of fire. Vice mayor, city, forest fire prevention headquarters Kim Jiuchen attended the meeting, and the specific requirements of this winter and spring forest fire prevention work put forward.

spring, forest fire situation in our city is very serious, from October 1, 2012 to May 31, 2013, the city received a total of 329 forest fire alarm, fire occurrence rate increased by 270.7% compared with the same period last year. City Fire office according to the general forest fires in 3 cases issued "notice" and "event handling case supervision notice", by the forest police to detect, have been solved. Violation of the law on the conduct of 53 acts of fire investigation and punishment, serious investigation of violations of the responsibility of the person responsible for the use of fire.

according to the city’s meteorological department forecast, this winter, the city’s rainfall lower than the same period last year, 2-5, the temperature showed a trend of low after the high, higher fire risk in late winter. At the same time, in recent years, the city continue to strengthen ecological construction, forest resources sustainable growth, especially this year rainfall, high temperatures, forest vegetation and fuel load increased significantly, easily lead to a big fire. The meeting noted that more than 95% of the city’s forest fires are caused by human factors. Meeting the requirements, facing serious forest fire situation, all localities and departments must resolutely implement the forest fire prevention headquarters members divided supervision system, fire officers fenpianbaogan, 24 hours on duty and leadership with a class system at all levels. Resolutely overcome careless thinking, take effective measures to ensure the forest fire prevention work, and realistically grasp. (author: small words)

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