Xining to the national entrepreneurial city

Xining City, the first comprehensive incubation base recently started construction, the west side of the University incubator base recently put into operation…… April 18th, in Xining in 2013, the work of the forum, came a group of employment and entrepreneurship news, Xining is moving to the national entrepreneurial city.

Xining 14 business incubation base and 16 entrepreneurial training base for entrepreneurs to provide entrepreneurial project information, entrepreneurship training, financing services, such as one-stop business services. As of the end of last year, settled in business incubator base entrepreneurial entities 1401, entrepreneurship driven employment of 8087 people, has been incubating entrepreneurial entities of the 848.

this year, the new venture capital loans secured by the new policy has been well received by entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial women’s personal small business loans discount line, up from the original fifty thousand yuan to $eighty thousand. At present, the small loan guarantee agency has issued 169 yuan for small loans secured by $12 million 470 thousand.

in 2013, the city of Xining to determine the employment goal of 30 thousand new jobs for urban residents, rural labor transfer employment more than 350 thousand people, the registered urban unemployment rate of less than 3.5%. Continue to implement and improve policies to support entrepreneurship, such as to continue the implementation of existing policies, improve the entrepreneurial venture rent subsidy policy of small loans, to solve the problem of the entrepreneurial microfinance loan platform construction, multiple channels and solve the counter guarantee problem, to allow more entrepreneurs to Amoy first pot of gold. (author: Mo Qing)

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