Xining adhere to the three priorities efforts to solve outstanding problems in social management

September 25th, the city’s comprehensive management of Social Management Committee (enlarged) conference will be held to promote the innovation of social management, deputy secretary, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, Municipal Committee and the City Commission Director Su Rong stressed at the meeting, adhere to the "three priority" to solve the problems in social management. Municipal Committee, vice mayor, City Commission deputy director Zhang Yongjun in the demonstration to promote the meeting with the participants to the field to watch the city social management innovation service representative. Municipal People’s Congress deputy director Feng Lijun, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, Municipal Commission deputy director Tong Dexiang attended the meeting.

meeting, Su Rong fully affirmed the outstanding achievements achieved by the city’s comprehensive management of social management this year. Su Rong stressed the need to adhere to the three priorities, efforts to solve outstanding problems in social management. That highlight the people’s livelihood, efforts to solve the problem of the source of social management, increase investment to catch people’s livelihood, close to the aspirations of the masses to catch people’s livelihood; outstanding service first, efforts to solve the fundamental problems of social management, promote the construction of information platform of social service management, consolidating and deepening the grid management work, to further promote the work of rural social service management; outstanding the grassroots first, efforts to solve the basic problems of social management, strengthen project construction, strengthen the construction of urban communities, strengthen the building of grassroots organizations. Further strengthen the organization and leadership, strengthen co-ordination, strengthen work guidance, and actively promote the innovation and development of social management. At the same time, Su Rong also do a good job in the current work of the city’s production safety and maintenance work arrangements. All areas of the city, the relevant departments to strictly implement the safety production responsibility system, conscientiously implement the safety management measures, strengthen key industries and key areas of production safety, attaches great importance to major diseases and public health emergencies prevention and control work, to eliminate all kinds of accidents, and resolutely prevent and curb the occurrence of major accidents. Strictly implement the social responsibility of management, to do the work of social stability, adhere to thrift, to prevent all kinds of extravagance and waste, and resolutely fulfill their duties, strengthen the duty to ensure that the city’s work during the festival, people spend a happy and peaceful holiday, peace.

relevant personnel of the city’s districts and counties at the meeting made a statement to exchange this year’s new experience in social management innovation, good practice. (author: Xu Shun)


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