Xining City Bureau of industry and Commerce East Branch concentric cast civilized flowers

to create a good style, strong ability, high quality of the cadres, is the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry east branch for many years of unremitting pursuit. Deputy director of the Xining municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau East Branch of Zhao Chunyan: "the staff Bureau and signed the" civilized norms of law enforcement "guarantee, pay close attention to fair and impartial law enforcement cadres image, self-discipline style image, diligent and efficient service, clean clothing image, the image of authority, solemn civilized norms and orderly market image. Open Easy Access, improve service efficiency." Xining City, the East Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bureau through the establishment of grassroots and grass-roots organs rating assessment organ two-way evaluation mechanism and work log system, carry out the "love and dedication from the start, from the start and due diligence" education, regular handling expert experts, management experts, rights, service model and other competitions, not only improve the staff’s job skills enhance service awareness. Accepting registration window for over more than and 10 years in the business Liu Xin said: "we strive to work hard in the service attitude, my experience is that the masses to act to stand up with a smile, treat them as friends, that your attitude must go.

Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce East branch always put the focus of the work and the foothold in the service business, serving the people, the service of economic and social development, and strive to build service-oriented industry and commerce. In the development of innovative service mechanism, build a service-oriented business, continue to promote institutional innovation, promote the innovation of first asking responsibility, limited period, independent audit, warning, foreign investors and other business liaison system, establish a good image of the industry, by the praise of the masses.

: what are you doing today?

answer: do change business.

: how do you feel about their service?

answer: I feel very good, usually under the grassroots to care about us, if you do not know what to call, they will be very timely to help us solve.

solid and effective activities to create a cohesion of the people, to stimulate the vitality of the spirit of civilization and the construction of material civilization. In 2009, the total amount of the east district market reached 17, the amount of investment reached more than 460 million yuan, showing a good momentum of development. In the same year, the East Branch of the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry was awarded the honorary title of "national civilized unit" by the central civilization committee.


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