Wang Changxiang was chosen as a special concern for rural teachers

September 9th, jointly sponsored by CCTV and Guangming Daily, looking for the most beautiful rural teachers large-scale public welfare activities officially announced the list of the most beautiful rural teachers. Huangzhong County, Yunnan Province, the town of long Wang Changxiang, Ma Long village primary school teachers, such as 19 rural teachers were selected as special attention to rural teachers".

is a disease, the heart is full of gratitude, let all students to school, go to school, carrying their sick products around the "alms", to improve the school, looking for help, the village of 110 households out of 75 college students, the average household has a college student. Wang Changxiang taught 38 years, suffering from stomach cancer for 22 years, but always adhere to the podium. In order to improve school conditions, more than ten years, he has been carrying his own planting soybean, potato 4000 bag, carrying a chicken, egg and other soil, to the county for enterprises to raise money, make painstaking efforts to teaching, improve the teaching environment, funding difficulties of school children. (author: Zhao Jing)

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