This spring, the greening of Xining city earlier than in previous years

entered in March, Xining branch has been faintly visible green, a watering car shuttle in the streets for the street watering. Reporters learned from the Municipal Gardens Bureau, the city began a comprehensive green work, slightly earlier than in previous years.

This year,

city greening construction and maintenance management work will be further refined, this month the city garden department to carry out large-scale irrigation and tree pruning, clear pit, replanting replanting etc.. Tree pruning is one of the key tasks of spring green, garden workers of street trees, green trees, shrubs and flowers of the main hedge, pruning according to landscape requirements and specifications. Urban green space not only to green to clean, garden departments at all levels will carry out comprehensive cleaning of green environmental sanitation, clean up urban road greenbelt, square, park garden and other types of green waste, to ensure that no waste plastic bags, no litter, no dead garbage, clean green in the stool, trash, railings and other facilities. And will carry out basic service facilities maintenance work, the cover of the green space, railings, warning signs, road signs, public toilets and other basic service facilities for investigation and maintenance, so that the general public to travel more convenient and comfortable spring festival. (author: small words)

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