Tangshan earthquake ride to Xining

at 10:15 on June 23rd, Xining South Street, 7 elderly armed, pedal bicycle. Their dress, attracted the eyes of passers-by. Reporters asked that they were the victims of the earthquake in Tangshan, is carrying out the Tangshan earthquake survivors of the National Thanksgiving trip".

Xu Xinmin

of the Tangshan earthquake survivors said, 39 years ago, the Tangshan earthquake, the house collapsed after the two relatives to the pressure of the brick below, is a Qinghai born soldier will save the family. This time, they organized riding activities, with a grateful heart, looking for the good soldier, and to the people of Qinghai, said thank you.

in the 40 anniversary of the Tangshan earthquake is approaching, they hope that through the "Tangshan earthquake survivors of the National Thanksgiving trip", the Tangshan people’s gratitude is transferred to the motherland from all sides, and let more people understand the rise of new Tangshan, feel the new era of Tang Shanjing god.

said the 62 year old Yu Guiru, 23, arrived in Xining, they are a South Street Outfitters check bike owner heard that they are coming from Tangshan for a ride, free for their inspection and maintenance of bicycle. Several people said, Qinghai mountain beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty and the blue sky, more beautiful.

It is reported that

, the special cycling team consists of 7 players and 1 team players, the average age of 62 years, in April 12th this year, starting from Tangshan, via Hebei, Tianjin, Henan, Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai and other 12 provinces and cities.


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