Public Security Bureau of the eastern city of Xining police station in conjunction with the mosque i

In order to build a harmonious society, maintain social security, to create a good living environment for the masses, in August 16th, the Muslim Lane police station in Xining housing property company jointly held a community security patrol launch ceremony

for the construction of a harmonious society, maintaining community security, for the masses to create a good living environment, in August 16th, the Islamic Lane police station in the joint housing Xining property company held a community security patrol launch ceremony. City Public Security Bureau Command Center Director Liu Wei, Muslim Lane police station Wei Shengbao, housing property company chief accountant Wang Yanhong, manager Li Xiaojin, more than 50 members of the patrol team participated in the event.

9 30 points, community security patrol team lined up, Liu Wei, director of the command center of the branch analysis of the current security situation, pointing out the importance of maintaining community security, and patrol the specific requirements. The property company patrol work arrangements according to the specific characteristics of the area, the patrol team and strive to achieve: one is possible in community crime prevention, to deter criminals; two is the security hidden danger in the community; three is to occur in communities or uncivilized things contrary to morality to discourage stop.

The establishment of

community policing patrols, the implementation of "defense, construction, joint governance, promote the police enterprises", "police", strengthen community cohesion, improve their security environment, improve the people’s sense of security.


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