Wang Guosheng in the survey stressed to increase scientific and technological innovation to promote

8 1 to 2, 2009, Wang Guosheng, Secretary of the provincial Party committee in-depth Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, on the recycling economy, specialty industries, urban construction, etc.. He stressed that the General Secretary Xi "three a" major requirements into the actual work, give full play to the advantages, committed to reform and innovation, strive to work at the forefront of the province, and make greater contribution to the development of the province.

Qinghai Yangxin energy is the only scenery and energy storage industry chain development enterprises. Wang Guosheng look at the equipment, look at the process, look at the product, understand the company’s plateau wind turbine research and development reached the domestic advanced level, praised the company has a strategic vision". In Qinghai Kunlun salt industry, wangguosheng encourage enterprises to extend the chain, to promote circular development. Control company Delingha 50 MW solar tower thermal power plant in Wang Guosheng about high precision intelligent heliostat and high temperature molten salt heat storage technology performance, hope to study thermal power generation enterprises to strengthen and promote the transformation of scientific research achievements.

planting base in Delingha wolfberry, Chinese wolfberry fruit is red. See the old Gobi area, a vast expanse of the wolfberry forest, realize the organic unity of economic, ecological and social effects, Wang Guosheng is very happy. He boarded the sightseeing platform to look at the whole picture, into the woods and farmers cordial conversation, understanding of wolfberry cultivation, fertilization, picking fruit, income, etc.. Wang Guosheng said that small wolfberry, big industry. This is a good way to drive people out of poverty, to be based on green organic, expand the scale, do a good job of deep processing, increase the added value.

Golmud refinery is the only oil refining and chemical enterprise in Qinghai Tibet plateau. Wang Guosheng listened to the report of the production and operation of enterprises, and hope that enterprises based on resource advantages, and further explore the market. Into the photovoltaic power plant in the Yellow River hydro power plant, the solar panels to understand the conversion efficiency, power plant and power grid coordination and ecological construction. He pointed out that the use of the Internet and big data and other modern technology, take the scale, intelligent development path. Saline Lake in Qinghai industrial Limited by Share Ltd, pointed out that the research of metal magnesium wangguosheng integration project construction and Saline Lake comprehensive development and utilization of resources, to strengthen the innovation of science and technology, the research and development of magnesium lithium resources as a breakthrough to promote the Saline Lake of circular economy industrial chain to expand in depth.

during the investigation, Wang Guosheng listened to Haixi, Delingha, Golmud City, fully affirmed the achievements of the various undertakings Haixi state, the west side of the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups expressed cordial greetings.

wangguosheng stressed that the status of Haixi Prefecture in the province overall development important responsibility. Currently, is facing the dual task of accelerating the development and transformation and upgrading. The state state and state of the party members and cadres, should consciously assume the important responsibility and glorious mission entrusted by the party and the people, strengthen confidence, maintaining concentration, weight-bearing endeavor, self pressurized, perseverance, stick, continue to inspire the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups in the dynamic force for the province at the forefront in the study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, in promoting the implementation of the "three major solid" requirements, strive to create "three areas" in the province before;

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