Strengthening the cultural construction of eight petal lotus in Huangzhong County

is bigger and stronger "eight petal lotus" brand of cultural industries, promote the development of Huangzhong cultural tourism industry, increase the income of urban and rural masses, the intangible cultural heritage, promote the national folk art, Huangzhong county "eight petal lotus" R & D production display sales experience center project officially started construction in March this year, is expected to be completed by the end of.

Huangzhong county "eight petal lotus" R & D production display sales experience center, located in the town of Huangzhong County rouchard Yingbin Road, distance 5A class tourist attractions Kumbum Monastery scenic area 1 km. Covers an area of 37.6 acres, construction area of 16316.06 square meters, the total investment of $35 million 600 thousand. The center has a total of four hall four hall, including a total of two layers, one layer is mainly Huangzhong eight art exhibition area, the disabled work experience area, the two layer is the "eight petal lotus" brand product development training, electronic mall online and multi-function hall.

in recent years, Huangzhong county government focus on the construction of Huangzhong as the Tibetan Buddhism cultural tourism resort, the development orientation of Xining city folk arts and crafts exhibition center, fully rely on the national 5A level scenic spots Kumbum Monastery attractions, according to "promote the culture and heritage of civilization, the development of industries, rich people" ideas, the implementation of culture industry promotion project, to focus on Promoting Farmers’ paintings, murals, sculpture, sculpture, Duitou, inlaid silk, silver and bronze based "eight petal lotus" industry, play "eight petal lotus" well-known brand benefit, accelerate the cultural changes from resources advantage to economic advantage of the cultural industry. (author: Lu Shizhen Diao Yongping)

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