Huangzhong 848 poor mothers get help

in January 16th, the Spring Festival approaching, the fund Chinese women’s development, the provincial women’s Federation, the Municipal Women’s Federation, the provincial women and children development foundation in four villages of DOPA DOPA Huangzhong County town held "the music home · mother parcels to the poor mother’s New Year gift ceremony. The county’s 848 poor mothers get generous donations of caring friends worth more than $16 yuan, mother parcels".

mother parcels project is Chinese Development Fund for women following the successful implementation of "mother water cellar", "Mother Health Express", "mother of small circular gold" brand series of projects after the mother and a large public projects. On the same day, China women’s development foundation, PepsiCo Inc, Tmall group jointly for the province of Huangzhong, the two county mutual aid poor mothers to provide a new year full of deep warmth and love the characteristics of mother parcels to the poor, as mother’s New Year gift warm winter, "the mother parcel" focused on Chinese New Year festive elements and warm winter goods.


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