ncrease the support of radio and television broadcasting in Tibetan areas

Du Dezhi Committee recommended

Beijing newspaper (correspondent Li Caiyun Xue Jun) CPPCC attended the twelve session of the four meeting of the province committee Du Dezhi, submitted to the General Assembly on the increase in Qinghai province in cable television infrastructure to support the proposal.

Du Dezhi said in the proposal, with the accelerated pace of national construction, especially the rapid development of radio and television network business, radio and television companies in the party and the state ideology and cultural fields, an important role in Tibetan security stability plays an increasingly prominent. However, from the current development status of Tibetan radio and television network, only by the Qinghai radio and television information Network Inc a force has been unable to meet the needs of the situation, can not meet the needs of the masses of Tibet on cable TV, need to relevant national ministries to increase the Tibetan cable infrastructure.

Du Dezhi suggested that one is in the policy to be tilted, the cable television infrastructure investment more inclined to Tibetan, to increase efforts to support the Tibetan radio and television network, in the information consumption, such as the wisdom of the city in the implementation of the project to give equal participation of radio and television network policy and opportunity. Two is to increase financial input, it is recommended to give priority to support the construction of radio and television networks in Tibet, to increase investment in the construction of radio and television network infrastructure. The three is to support the development of public cultural undertakings, suggested the construction of the province’s Radio and television information network into the province’s cultural broadcasting infrastructure total plate, invested by the government, and actively strive for national new project, the construction of information infrastructure, cultural information resources sharing project and the development of the Tibetan policy support, multi-party financing and implementation of construction funds, to accelerate the pace of construction radio and television information network.


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