Chengdong District in 2011 the government work and meeting area operations for disabled people

Chengdong District 2011 disabled people work and district government
  operations Conference; May afternoon of June, East District Government in 2011 for work and district operations conference held in the meeting room 514. The meeting reviewed and summarized the work of the disabled in, the deployment of the work of the task in 2011. The district government deputy mayor Song Hongmei Ma Xuemei, director of the district government offices, District FIMITIC director Chang Lijun, director of operations for the members of the unit area, the township streets CDPF, Zhuangan, disabled full-time members of a total of more than and 50 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the district government office director Ma Xuemei. The meeting, District FIMITIC director Chang Lijun to the district government operations on the disabled in 2010 to carry out the work of the report, and in 2011 the work carried out the arrangements. The main operations: members of the District Civil Affairs Bureau, district human resources and Social Security Bureau, district health and Food Supervision Bureau, Yun Jia Kou Zhen did exchange conference speech in turn. The district government office director Ma Xuemei arrangements for the deployment of the twenty-first "National Day" activities; district government operations director, deputy head of the district government Song Hongmei made an important speech. Fully affirmed the work of the disabled in the region last year, at the same time, this year, disabled people speak three aspects:
is the development of the cause of the disabled to build a harmonious society, fully aware of the importance of the work of the disabled;
two is the development of the disabled is the task of the whole society, accelerating the construction of the service system (two disabled security system and service system), to promote and accelerate the development of the cause of the disabled.
three is to do a good job in the rehabilitation of the disabled ; do a good job in the construction of disabled persons; strengthen the skills training to improve the employability of the disabled, attention to the work of the disabled, providing long-term services for the disabled. Song Hongmei stressed that the area of operations for each member of the unit to implement Scientific Outlook on Development, stand in the height of building a harmonious society, fully understand the important significance of the development of the disabled, and further enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, earnestly implement the preferential measures for government support of disabled persons, protect their lawful rights and interests, to help people with disabilities to solve life, work and family the difficulty to increase publicity; focus highlights the disabled career, a new breakthrough in the culture, typical propaganda typical aspects; the majority of people with disabilities will continue to carry forward the self-improvement, indomitable spirit, strengthen learning, improve the quality, achieve the "Shen Canzhi no residue", realize the value of your life with excellent results.At the end of the

meeting, chairman of the CDPF often on the disabled ledger registration card, motor vehicle fuel subsidies for disabled persons, the village of the village committee part-time part-time subsidies do a detailed description.


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