Cool Xining, a new member of the cool city of the world

  2013, cool and pleasant in Xining in the average temperature of 16.9 degrees in July and August, boarded the world’s best summer city list.

in 2014, xiadou Xining foreign unified translation by Summer resort all the specification is simple, catchy cool city, as the embodiment of "world famous cool city".

is such a coincidence, Xining city by the invitation to attend the 2014 Green Fair – Summer International Forum cool city international forum "the dean of the Renmin University of China School of journalism Zhao Qizheng, with" three Cool meaning "to explain the meaning of this cool Xining City," cool "," cool "" well, "he used the" cool "the English pronunciation of" cool "adjective" xiadou "is" cool "in Xining.

is also in 2014, just as many cities in the country into the early early summer heat, the average temperature in early June in Xining remained at 16.8 degrees, which is already the highest record in 30 years.

recently released China Tourism Research Institute "in 2014 Chinese City summer tourism development report" shows that the summer tourism market has been formed, the summer show economic benefits, in the 15 summer resort national ranking, Xining ranked fourteenth.

a "cool" summer tourist city

machine envy

last year, while the National Tourism City ZHANGAO, fighting the heat ", the Internet has spread such a joke, let a" cool "machine really proud to Xining:" Hangzhou: I’m an earthly paradise: I am 20 degrees Celsius, Xining; Chongqing: I am a municipality directly under the central government, Xining: 20 degrees Celsius Shanghai: I; international metropolis, Xining: I 20 degrees; the city: we can not say that temperature, Xining: we have rape flowers in summer, we have a quilt cover four, here the sky is blue; the city: Well, we talk about the temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, Xining: i……"

joke, although it is a joke, but to seize the pulse of the main Xining cool card.

as the mayor of Xining Wang Yubo in the "Green Fair – Cool World City expert seminar", is proud to introduce to the experts and scholars at home and abroad, cool is the unique charm of the Xining ecological resources, precious wealth, is the one and only, with the monopoly of resources, by virtue of this unique geographical advantages and the climatic characteristics of Xining fully deserve a cool city "," cool city". In recent years, Chinese outstanding tourist city, China tourism competitiveness hundred city, tourist city in the world, 2011, 2012 Chinese ten summer tourist city, global city list, China summer leisure city such as laurel whispering Xining.

official promotion does not need to say that it has enjoyed the cool and comfortable weather in Xining, the luxury of the southern city tourists to describe the Qing Qinghai;


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