Filial piety parents send their children to travel

May Day holiday just past, followed by the mother’s day and May to add a warm theme of the tourism market. With parents to travel or fund their parents to travel, is becoming the preferred way to express their children’s filial piety.

"holiday gift too common, let the mother go out to travel your heart good." In May 8th, China Travel Agency, Angie Hou said the people, usually busy no time to accompany her mother, mother’s day this year to accompany his mother to travel a few days. The person in charge of the travel agency, from last week, a lot of people to consult and Book Mother’s Day travel routes. Among them, Sanya, Xiamen, Zhangjiajie, Guilin and other places in the direction of the slow travel is favored, Taiwan tour, Hong Kong, Macao and other outbound tour is popular line. There Guide, Qinghai Lake and other provinces in the short distance travel is also the first choice for many people travel.

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