Mayor of Xining city experience difficult to travel

in the last two years, the city’s rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles, is about to break through the 300 thousand mark. Departments should actively respond to improve the management level, to meet new challenges, to make every effort to protect the public travel convenience." This is the mayor of Xining in the investigation of urban traffic in stressed. Public travel problems have been worried about the mayor Wang Yubo. Since the winter, people focus more on the ride to reflect, in order to cut real people, people is difficult, even the day, Wang Yubo took to the streets, take a taxi, check the gas station, the public can get around to experience.

in January 8th at noon, Wang Yubo did not say hello, with city traffic bureau, from the municipal government in front of a taxi to the city north, then took a taxi back, by way of experience, research the public hit "" how hard it is. On the way Wang Yubo also detailed understanding of the operation of taxi operators. Then, the morning of January 10th, vice mayor Wang Yubo and Xu Guocheng examined the element tree temporary skid mounted gas stations and other key nodes related to public travel by car, the scene of my comrades in the city road traffic situation and development situation and with the relevant departments, the difficulties and problems.

2012 vehicle fleet of nearly 300 thousand vehicles in 2013, the new vehicle will be about 20% growth rate is rising rapidly, the increase of vehicles on the city’s carrying capacity and the government traffic management level put forward higher requirements. In the examination, Wang Yubo pointed out that a public transportation related work, related to the interests of every citizen in the city, the relevant departments must from the ideological understanding and work ideas, work plan attaches great importance to and actively, take effective measures to solve the problem. Based on the current and long-term planning, scientific research, comprehensive measures to solve the public transportation system in the short and long term planning and construction problems, to make a difference in people travel to solve the difficult problem, guarantee the public convenience.

combined with the recent concentrated reflection of public travel difficult, difficult parking, road congestion and other issues, Wang Yubo stressed that to strengthen the city road construction, traffic management, refueling site layout and so on. Accelerate the integration and optimization of bus lines, reduce the line repetition rate, improve the efficiency of public transport, to solve all kinds of problems exist in the bus operation, to protect the city’s Public Transport Science and convenient operation. To the principle of safety, as soon as possible to set up a gas station program, timely approval procedures, accelerate the construction of gas stations, to protect the vehicle gas supply. Based on the general public to solicit opinions, taxi operators on the peak, the peak of the taxi refueling handover scheme, effectively alleviate the taxi difficult, filling the public taxi difficult problem. Traffic to do important sections, the core section of the road, to solve the press, to ensure the smooth passage of vehicles, to maximize the ease people travel difficult problem. (author: Sheng Nan)

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