Xining business matchmaking to find a husband for Datong potatoes

October 20th, in Xining City, the business department staff’s help, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Castle Township, the Tibetan village of potato growers sold 152 tons of potatoes, and the site and Xining rivers Starch Co. signed a purchase and sale of two copies of the contract, and the city of Xining, Hualian, Hui Ke 100, Wangfujing supermarkets have reached an agreement of intent 5.

potatoes this year, the same problem plagued the Datong County, Castle Peak Township, to the Tibetan farmers. Xining City, Xining City, Industrial and Commercial Bureau Industrial and Commercial Bureau City Branch responsible person that, immediately convened a special meeting to make arrangements, and the organization of Xining agriculture and animal husbandry, supermarket official representative agent and starch production enterprises in 61, to the Datong County Qingshan Township and the Tibetan village of potato planting base, to carry out the purchase and sale of potato field fair. On the day of the meeting, the Xining River Starch Co., Ltd. Ma Haiquan said on the spot to open up the green channel, with the cash, cash settlement.

in the future, Xining city industry and commerce departments at all levels to increase market supervision and crack down on illegal traders malicious deeplydemand dominate the market behavior, to find the market for farmers of agricultural products, to solve their problems.


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