Qinghai province in 13th Five-Year technological innovation plan published

executive meeting examined and adopted by the provincial government, the provincial government office recently issued the "Qinghai province" in 13th Five-Year "technological innovation plan". "Planning" clear, by 2020, with Qinghai characteristics of regional innovation system has made significant progress, the initial entry into the ranks of innovative provinces.

the "planning" around the "13th Five-Year" science and technology development strategy, put forward the construction of new energy, new materials, advanced manufacturing, modern biology, modern agriculture and animal husbandry, ecological environmental protection, the plateau health, a new generation of information technology, "eight green industry technology system", and the direction and focus of industrial technology innovation put forward the implementation; characteristic industry, environmental protection, agriculture and animal husbandry, science and technology, science and technology innovation to enhance the ability of Huimin "five major scientific and technological innovation project", focus on strengthening research platform base construction, improve the scientific and technological innovation, enhance the effective supply of science and technology, to solve the problems of key areas of science and technology supply shortage; put forward the cultivation, science and technology enterprises transfer of scientific and technological achievements transformation, construction of innovative talents, combined with the regional science and technology innovation, technology and financial exchanges and cooperation in science and technology, public record Industry innovation, scientific quality to enhance the "eight major scientific and technological action, efforts to improve the environment of technological innovation, promote scientific and technological innovation capacity; put forward scientific research innovation system, build efficient establishment of a diversified investment mechanism and improve the new classification of innovation evaluation system, strengthen the construction of intellectual property rights, establish and perfect the system of five aspects such as deepening the reform of science and technology service system technology system direction and specific tasks, efforts to solve the institutional obstacles of restricting our province science and technology innovation.

according to the "planning", "13th Five-Year" at the end, the contribution rate reached 55%, the progress of science and technology research and development test (R& D) expenditure accounted for the proportion of GDP reached 1.5%, the total scientific and technical personnel to reach 30 thousand people, National Science and technology innovation platform to reach 25.


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