Xining city 14 primary schools, health teacher to take the road to health

"if your child is allergic to cockroaches, pollen, or indoor mold, you can do that……" "Do you know what are the factors that cause asthma?" In September 15th, Xining City Bureau of education "road to health" started, and invited experts and scholars at home and abroad for 14 primary school principals, medical and health literacy of asthma causes and prevention, the teacher will put the knowledge learned in teaching or teaching more popular in more than 20000 children.

2012, Xining City, "the road to health" project by the Capital Institute of Pediatrics, women and children’s Hospital, Xining City District Education Bureau, the provincial health department and other institutions to participate in the China primary school health teacher, community doctors (general practitioners), pediatric doctors and suspected asthma and asthma the children of a guardian of childhood asthma and allergic diseases related knowledge of health education project.

in 2012, Xining City, "health education" project in Xining city belongs to 14 primary schools into the project. After preliminary screening, 14 primary schools of asthma and allergic diseases of high-risk groups of up to 1.5%. Childhood asthma and related allergic diseases seriously endanger the physical and mental health of young children. The implementation of the "health teacher training program, can greatly improve the school teacher recognition ability for this kind of disease, and can have a correct guidance for the diagnosis and treatment of high-risk children, so that these children can accept learning and life in the best physical condition.

Director of the Department of education in Xining city

District Xu Jie introduction, in 2011, the city of Xining city district after screening, 1.5%, allergic diseases in the primary school students in school children accounted for the proportion of small, but for children and their families in study and life have brought some troubles. Therefore, it is necessary to incorporate knowledge of asthma and allergic diseases in school health education. Through the popularization of the knowledge of disease prevention, we can cultivate students’ good habit of self – discipline and self – discipline. (author: Chen Jun)


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