Reconstruction of housing construction in Yushu after the climax to achieve the target

  in June, Yushu major construction site, workers sweat grasp the progress of the project, farmers and herdsmen labor participation in the construction of cadres, day and night Dundian joint coordination services, the formation of the whole social support and participation of all parties to actively promote the scene. In order to ensure the completion of June 30th before the full implementation of housing construction, residents stay on schedule, Yushu housing construction climax again post disaster reconstruction.

housing construction and municipal engineering is directly related to the vital interests of the people in the disaster area, and plays an important role in the overall reconstruction. Centralized integration will rebuild the line of work force, go all out to promote housing construction and municipal engineering reconstruction leadership battle, field command in Yushu province after the earthquake, the relevant unit attaches great importance to strengthen the leadership, accelerate the progress, to promote housing construction process. Reconstruction of the scene command of the first line of work, improve the efficiency and coordination of solving problems. Yushu County once again deployed 130 cadres, strengthen the work force, to ensure that each project households own at least 1 months of cadres. The implementation of the leadership, cadres household contact point system, for each point and the specific situation of each household, which promotes the targeted programs and specific measures to promote, implement, specific to the user, classification treatment, comprehensive measures to ensure effectiveness.

reporter learned that, as of June 14th, Beijing has been fully completed 2760 reconstruction, and now is in the long bao, ha Xiu two farmers and herdsmen in the final renovation of housing. Liaoning aided construction of 1112 and China’s construction has been fully used in the delivery of the 2131. China Railway Construction 4757 of the reconstruction of the family has been fully completed, the remaining 139 are in the indoor decoration and outdoor style to create. CLP built 7025 of the reconstruction of the 7155 households have been fully completed, the remaining 130 are in the final phase of the project. The China Railway built in 3990 households in 3357 households have been delivered, the remaining 633 is in the final stages of indoor and outdoor decoration.

also learned that Yushu statewide urban and rural housing reconstruction task for 41939 households, including farmers and herdsmen housing 16668 households, urban residents housing 20638 households. Under the unified planning guidance, take the system construction, to build a combination of full respect for the wishes of the masses, to strengthen technical guidance and service selection form and the suitable model of post disaster reconstruction, and comprehensively promote housing construction process. (author: Yang Mei Mei)


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