Hefei launched ten innovative business innovation push ban

improve the investment environment is not an overnight thing, the need for long-term adherence. To actively carry out public entrepreneurship, innovation activities at the same time, also launched around the supporting policies, to provide protection for the management of activities smoothly.


"push ban" requirements, to relax the policy and market deregulation, the main policies and measures, strictly prohibit the discount, make a choice; regulate the industry according to law, bidding and other barriers to entry, strictly prohibited unreasonable and unfair access standards. At the same time, vigorously promote the reform of commercial registration system, achieve the greatest degree of facilitation of business registration, is strictly prohibited to increase links and conditions in the industrial and commercial registration services; vigorously promote the effectiveness of system construction, strengthen the Shouwenfuze, disposable inform, limited period system execution, strictly prohibit the door hard, ugly face, so ugly, difficult to deal with.


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