Modify the approved project to move out of the new market space

In October 14th, the reporter learned from the provincial development and Reform Commission was informed that, in order to further promote the reform of the investment system, to further stimulate the vitality of the market, the new space to create a good environment for enterprise investment and broader, our province issued the "Qinghai provincial government approved investment projects directory recently (2014 version)", reduce the enterprise investment project approval. Promote decentralization. The catalogue will be implemented on 25 may. 19 types of projects approved by the changed record of the newly approved directory, the crude oil storage facilities, with an annual output of 2 billion cubic meters of coal gas project, with an annual output of 1 million tons of coal oil project, the oil field development project, field development projects, in addition to the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) of new railway project and route outside the national railway network in the project the civil airport expansion project, 19 projects approved by the changed record, means that business investment projects approved by the scope of further reduced, on these projects of enterprises just for the record, so that enterprises in the project investment have more autonomy. 9 power projects approved devolution of the approval directory at the same time to increase decentralization efforts to strengthen local government investment approval, non reservoir project construction across the region on the river and other water projects, non cross regional 35 thousand volts and the voltage level of the exchange program, non cross domain access following a total investment of 50 million yuan of rural highway, resource development highway and rural road bridge bridge project belongs to the independent 9 project approval delegated to the city and state. Simplify the registration procedures shall not be disguised approval of the provincial government in the notice of the release of the directory requirements, cancel, decentralization and transfer of enterprise investment projects approved items, the project approval unit shall be in strict accordance with the provisions of the review. Relevant departments of the provincial level to establish vertical and horizontal linkage mechanism for the cancellation of approval to the record of the project by the enterprise independent decision-making, self financing. All localities and relevant departments to simplify the filing procedures, shall not be disguised in any name approval.  

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