More than a hundred lawyers inside and outside the province dream of the Lake Race

7 25, from all over the country and the Taiwan area of the 123 lawyers gathered in Qinghai lake, opened their Dacheng road cycling activities around the Qinghai Lake.

these lawyers riding enthusiasts consisting of 13 riding team, which lasted for 4 days, the center of the Qinghai Lake to ride around the lake. In the meantime, they will also visit the Qinghai Atomic City national patriotism education demonstration base of memorial hall, China torpedo experimental base site, to carry out patriotic education, inherit and carry forward the spirit of "two bombs and one satellite". According to organizers, Beijing Dacheng Law Firm (Xining) director Liu Qiang, with the increasing popularity of the game, an international competition that not only attracts professional athletes, also attracted many cycling enthusiasts of lawyer industry, in the lake race held during the event, a round of the province "the lawyer and cycling enthusiasts dream", on the other hand full of lawyers positive spirit, but also for the great beauty of Qinghai in the national legal profession in the best publicity.


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