Huangzhong’s first mountain bike cross-country race tomorrow

September 17th, the reporter learned from the relevant departments of Xining, Huangzhong County, the first mountain bike cross-country race, held on September 19th in Huangzhong lotus lake. Province and hundreds of cyclists near and outside the competition, will be featured in the Lotus Lake Scenic hills, forest racing track.

it is understood that this mountain bike race by the Huangzhong county government and the Xining Municipal Sports bureau. The competition is divided into experience group and individual competition group, in which the individual competition group is divided into mountain elite, mountain master group and women’s open group, the longest race is 16.5 km. Competition will be in accordance with the provisions of the road, the length of the race schedule. The lotus lake mountain bike tracks through the hill area, sports area, limit downhill forest exploration area, the whole road to the original sand, on the hills, pine willow trees, is a natural mountain biking area of our province unique. After the game, the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau and the Huangzhong county will develop the track, and strive to build the track into the classic mountain bike track. The event in the form of mountain bike cross-country, promote healthy lifestyle promote green travel, low-carbon environmental protection to the public, to promote the beautiful Huangzhong tourism resources, allowing players to challenge themselves and feel in mountain biking brings passion and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Huangzhong. (author: Zhu Xiquan)

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