2015 the city’s successful conclusion

Xining city in 2015, graduating from junior high school entrance exam lasted 3 days, in June 19th, a safe and successful conclusion

Xining city middle school in 2015 and graduated from junior high school entrance exam lasted 3 days, on June 19th, safe, successful conclusion. This year the number of enrollment in the city for 11328 people (compared with last year, an increase of 556 people), a total of 12 test sites, the standardization of the examination room, more than 800 teachers participated in the examination and examination work.

exam, strengthen professional training to the City Board of education, municipal education examination standard examination process, strengthen the management of test sites, send inspectors to the center of the supervision and inspection, further serious kaofengkaoji; in the process of examination, public security, transportation, health, environmental protection, electric power department and the center to strengthen organizational leadership, careful arrangements. Good communication and coordination, the formation of working together to create a safe and comfortable environment for the examination of candidates. This year the city’s public demonstration high school enrollment plan 4092 people, public high school plans to recruit students of the total of 2376 people, with the characteristics of high school plan enrollment of 200 people, private ordinary high school enrollment plan for 500 people, a total of 7168 people.

6 21 – 25 days, the city will be unified online marking work, this month is expected to bottom candidates through the Xining recruitment information network query test scores.


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