Construction bureau Party committee organized national religious knowledge education and training

in order to strengthen the education of national unity, so that party members and cadres and workers to fully understand the new situation to consolidate and develop the equality, unity and mutual assistance harmonious ethnic relations of the importance of the afternoon of June 26th, the North District construction bureau Party committee of national unity and progress of the work requirements of the cadres and workers of ethnic and religious knowledge education training. Through the system to explain the basic knowledge, ethnic and religious basic situation and basic national religious policy, has been further knowledge and understanding of the cadres and workers of our country’s ethnic and religious policies and the basic situation, enhance the "three cannot do without" the motherland and national feelings. We have said that to strengthen the study in the future work and life, respect each other, living habits, religious beliefs, knowledge structure, do not say is not conducive to national unity, is not conducive to national unity do not do, and constantly improve the level of ability to do the work of national unity and progress, for the North sound and rapid economic and social the development of a harmonious and stable environment.


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