City in recognition of outstanding journalists

On the occasion of the upcoming press conference, Municipal Propaganda Department, the City Association of journalists decided to make outstanding contributions to the work of the press since 2015 to make a contribution to the recognition of journalists. The city was commended for a total of 53 outstanding journalists, of which the newspaper ranked among the 15.

in recent years, the majority of the city’s journalists actively in-depth study and implementation of the party’s eighteen spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping, a series of important speech and provincial committee spirit, grasp the correct guidance of public opinion, around the center, serving the overall situation, practice the turn to go change, economic and social development for the city to create a good atmosphere for public opinion, timely and accurately to convey the party and the people’s voice, great achievements and advanced typical industries major decisions, important activities, has promoted the thick and heavy in colours of our city, to promote the "four comprehensive" strategic layout for the coordination of the city, provides a strong public support for the construction of the "two city" goal, always walk in the news and propaganda work the front row. In order to further encourage the majority of journalists and correspondents to improve the enthusiasm, to better promote the construction of a well-off society in publicity, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Municipal Association of journalists decided since 2015 have made outstanding contributions to the propaganda work of journalists award. The Xining evening news Zhao Qiuling, Li Xiaogang, Luo Fangxu, Shi Xiang, Zhang Wenling, He Shao, Wang Xiaofang, Zhang Hong Liang, Rong Lijun won the outstanding journalist award, Cui Wenjin et al; back won the outstanding Editing Award; Shi Guocheng, Sha Mingzhao, Wang Jianxing, Liu Weiming won the outstanding planning award.

This is the most

in recognition of the 53 outstanding journalists from the grassroots, from the city of news work the first line, their loyalty to the party’s journalism, tradition, inherit and carry forward the party’s journalism around the center, serving the overall situation; they promote the occupation spirit, abide by the occupation morality, dedication, selfless dedication, performance in a series of major publicity activities of the outstanding performance, by the cadres and masses of praise, and learning is a good representative of the majority of the city’s journalistic example.


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