The financing needs of the supply side structural reform and the way to crack

6 2, the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission in conjunction with the provincial finance office, the people’s Bank of Xining Center branch, Qinghai Banking Bureau, Qinghai securities regulatory bureau, Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Bureau organized the Minsheng Bank China support industry of Qinghai Province Economic Development Forum, 122 enterprises in our province and the bank on the supply side structural reforms in exchange the financing needs and solving way.

in order to fully implement the provincial government on the implementation of the overall deployment of industry supply side structural reform, the implementation of opinions on the promotion of financial industry to adjust the structure of steady growth and increasing the benefits of a quarter of the province’s industrial economy to analyze the situation in the spirit of the meeting, by letter may take between polar coordination, jointly with the departments of banks and enterprises to build a communication platform and guide the banking industry to increase the province’s industrial enterprises and key projects financing support. Especially in our province through financial investment, the Minsheng Bank has just introduced China’s first major non-public enterprise shares by national joint-stock commercial banks, in the form of the forum, so that enterprises and banks face to face communication, on the one hand, financial institutions innovative products and services, increase the total amount of our province financial supply, stimulate the vitality of the financial market, on the other hand, I seize the province’s industrial restructuring opportunities, promote the depth of integration of financial and industrial economy, promoting the sustained and steady growth of industry and accelerate the transformation of the industry.

Minsheng Bank relevant responsible person said, Qinghai is an important growth of China’s opening to the west of the main position and the economic development of Western China, Minsheng Bank will seize the great opportunities to implement the adjustment of industrial structure and The Belt and Road "strategy, using its own industrial chain integration, mixed financial services platform, the combination of investment and loans, a variety of models, active docking Qinghai regional development planning, continue to increase Qinghai’s regional allocation of resources and business development efforts, implementation of bank and enterprise harmony and win-win and sharing.


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