The City District of Xining city to crack down on illegal and criminal activities and trafficking of

for further combat production and trafficking of firearms illegal and criminal activities, to ensure that the area safety and stability, for the construction of "safe area" and "Harmonious Central" to create a good public security environment, this year the city of Xining City District actively carry out special activities to combat illegal trafficking of firearms.

in recent years, the city zone has always put the fight against illegal trafficking of firearms illegal activities as an important task of maintaining social stability in the area, from the "strike, prevention, management and control" aspects, has uncovered the illegal production and trafficking of firearms cases 10, destroyed 3 criminal gangs and trafficking of firearms and arrested more than 20 suspects. The detection of these cases, a great deterrent to the arrogance of criminals, received a good social effect, effectively safeguarding the jurisdiction of the public order.

in order to combat illicit trafficking of illicit firearms crimes to consolidate the achievements, this area is strictly implement the "dafangbingju" approach, to fight at the same time, played a positive role in social security prevention and treatment, community police and neighborhood cadres of the area were carefully visited, Yan fine touch row, communities, villages, regions, part of the gun dealing and trafficking of firearms and easily hidden dens, especially residential rental housing comprehensive Mopai, police take responsibility of the families, implement the responsibility to sign a letter of guarantee for the production and trafficking of firearms, suspected of living in this area of key personnel, register, be "clear base,, tight control, live", to ensure that the area of social security and stability. (author Lin Ping)


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