The city will build 47790 sets of affordable housing this year

reporter in March 7th from the city real estate management department was informed that in 2014, the city will be the construction of low-income housing 47790 sets, the transformation of the city shantytowns 40305 sets of low rent housing and public rental housing construction will be merged in 7399 sets, state reclamation rebuilding implementation of the 86 set. According to the 2014 Xining urban affordable housing construction implementation plan to a large number of shantytowns, low rent housing and public rental housing merger operation, is the main framework of the city’s affordable housing construction this year.

in 2014 the city low rent housing and public rental merger operation, construction of apartment layout for the construction area of control in less than 50 square meters apartment layout can be transformed, the construction will take 10% of the proportion of low rent housing and public rental housing in new housing projects in the industrial park to organize the implementation, the county focus on new variety way; city shantytowns in principle in the construction area of 90 square meters, less than the minimum area of not less than 45 square meters of small apartment layout. Demolition of the new site is divided into a new focus on the site, a new way to focus on other places.

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, compared to last year, the amount of construction, this year the city’s low-income housing task increased significantly, but the city will be 47790 sets of construction tasks to determine the baseline data, therefore, in our land policy, tax policy and tax policy to further clarify the resettlement of low-income housing construction projects and policy support. Currently, the Beichuan river area, salt reserve land and other shantytowns renovation project has started construction.


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