Xining City Bureau of education in advance of the provincial urban primary school spring

recently, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of education, Xining primary and secondary schools in March 1st school, in March 2nd, the official class. This semester teaching hours for 20 weeks, secondary school for 21 weeks, the primary school for the last nineteenth weeks, the end of the secondary school cycle twentieth.

Xining Municipal Bureau of education primary and secondary schools in Xining City, to do a good job of ordering textbooks and other preparatory work during the holidays, in strict accordance with the curriculum and teaching requirements, next semester teaching plan in advance, not free to change class and curriculum; teachers are encouraged to use vacation education, self-study learning, update knowledge, improve teaching ability and professional quality. Carefully study the materials, better adapt to the new semester teaching needs. After school, the school will further strengthen and standardize the teaching routine management work, and strictly implement the Xining Municipal Bureau of education for the primary and middle school students "burden and school schedule the relevant provisions of the notice" spirit, follow the law of education and teaching and the rule of development of students through improving the quality of classroom teaching, to promote quality education. (author: he arrow)


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