The shooting day openly nternational Village armed robbery case solved damage

7 month 15 days, armed robbery occurred in our city in the international village, the day openly shot attack, injured 1 people and caused strong concern, the community leaders reacted strongly, by the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment for a half months of painstaking investigation, the Public Security Bureau in the city has vigorously assist the relevant departments. In August 26th, the successful detection of the armed robbery, injury case, arrested 3 suspects and seized the crime using imitation 64 pistol 1, machetes, steel and other materials.

July 15th morning at 11:45 PM, armed robbery, injury cases occurred in the international village in our city, Tang Moumou the victim from home out to drive out, by a group of people forcibly pulled off cut, not shoot, stole cash 5000 yuan, HK $2000, gold bracelet (32 grams), 1 Mobile phone 3.

after the incident, the provincial Party committee, committee secretary Li Peng, municipal committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee, Public Security Bureau Lu Benqian were given instructions for cases quickly recovered, involving firearms, timely elimination of influence. Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment set up a task force to solve the case, the task force based on the clues left by the scene, quickly locked the suspect. In the City Public Security Bureau of the relevant departments of the strong assistance, the suspect arrested in July 23rd. July 26th at 2 am, another suspect Zhuang police station was arrested in a hotel near Lanzhou railway station. The ad hoc group on August 3rd morning, a follow up a victory with hot pursuit, Ma Moumou suspects arrested, and seized the crime when using imitation 64 pistol 1.

after the trial, 3 suspects confessed that 3 suspects and the victim Tang Moumou known grudges, in retaliation, the 3 suspects by premeditated, Capitol, master Tang Moumou to the activity rules, guns, steel pipes and other weapons people committing the crime of robbery after the van quickly fled the scene. City Public Security Bureau police detachment said in an interview with reporters, successfully solved the case, greatly deter criminals, indicating that the city police to combat crime prevention and control, to further enhance the ability to control the security situation.

currently, 3 suspects have been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation, the pursuit of work is being carried out.


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