Wang Yubo let ordinary workers work with dignity

In August 14th, Xining city mayor Wang Yubo on the newspaper "Xining reader" B3 edition published "to hear the 6 sanitation workers of heart" a given instructions: let ordinary workers to work with dignity is the best interpretation of a city spiritual civilization.

it is understood that the future of urban management, sanitation and other departments will hit the city of Xining City office and other departments to carry out a series of activities to create a good atmosphere of care, cherish and respect the sanitation workers of ordinary workers within the city.

learned that the mayor of Wang Yubo on the sanitation work of the affirmation and instructions, sanitation workers Zhou Yifang and moved by the very moved by Song Qingxia. They said: "I believe that with the establishment of the city of Xining to speed up the process of national civilized city, the continuous improvement of the quality of civilization of the people of Xining, sanitation workers will be more people understand and respect. We will also use their own labor to return the care of the people, so that Xining has become more clean and tidy." (author: Yuan Zhen)


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