By the end of the year sales season

there are many shopkeepers have realized in some special time, will be the store sales season, an ample supply of goods, in this special day, will be able to sell unceasingly, to cash. However, although there are a lot of shopkeepers aware of this, but do not know how to supply. So, at the end of the season, the arrival of the sales season, how to prepare supply?

from my store this year, the operating situation, the overall income is not as good as a few years ago, may be around the shop opened too much, we all come to a spoonful of soup, or to the big supermarket to buy cheap goods? Now I shop mainly rely on cigarettes and wine to earn money. See soon came to the end, that is to say our retailers sales season, how have to think of ways to make a quick little alcohol, years of deficit. This requires us retailers plan in advance, the availability of supply, welcomed the arrival of the season.

one is to seize the needs of customers at the end of the full availability of adequate supply. This year my cigarette varieties reached more than and 100, from the "China" to the "Harbin Province real estate smoke" and "Lin Hai ganoderma", what the price is, especially fine cigarette brand in the current smokers favored 10. One into the three quarter, I started in the new business selling cigarette cigarette booking catch tight order, plus the price adjustment this year 51 cigarette tobacco reserves before, enough to before the end of the year before and after the Spring Festival sales demand, this would solve the fourth quarter of each year to set selling tobacco cigarettes, broken goods problem.

two is to seize the rural consumer groups. The current year of the country’s grain has returned to the warehouse, the economic crops have become money, pockets drum, began to consume. Many people like to smoke into a cigarette, which is our business to accelerate the sale of cigarettes, accelerate the return of funds a good time.

three is to seize the wedding feast with smoke. The new year is happy to do much of the season, as the operator, to timely capture surrounding consumer information, as long as the master of the nearby residential tenants have wedding information on active site "send smoke wine" congratulations. This is not only let old customers feel warm, but also lay the foundation for their sales of higher priced cigarettes, earn higher profits. Every family wedding all cannot do without alcohol, in the "not bad money", which requires us to provide customers with satisfactory service.

, of course, a shop in the end how to prepare supply, but also requires a combination of the store location, and target consumer spending habits, so that it may make the goods into more popular shops at the end of the business can be more popular. So, if you are a shopkeeper, you are ready to supply, know how to prepare the source?

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