What are the characteristics of the 2016 Hong Kong style milk tea store

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Chinese modern history knows, China three ceded Hongkong to Britain, the first time from 1841 to July 1, 1997 and ceded the island of Hongkong returned to the embrace of the motherland, which lasted for more than and 100 years. Hongkong is now one of the Special Administrative Region of the US, its cultural characteristics and has a certain style of Hongkong, take Hot Tea, HK Style, this is the origin of 50s and 60s last century drinks, and taste of its unique characteristics, a benchmark image is Hongkong tea, is also the epitome of the classic Hong Kong style culture. So open a Hong Kong style milk tea shop? In the end of 2016, Hong Kong style milk tea stores have what characteristics?

from Mong Kok to Tsim Sha Tsui, from Yau Ma Tei to Kowloon Tong, taste mellow and silk it has become Hongkong tea, people difficult to forget the collective memory. Hong Kong style tea originated in Hongkong ice room, since the last century, Hongkong has taken the southeast tea strong and mellow, with England pure milk flavor, silky texture and does not contain any bitter taste, the formation of a Hong Kong style unique and exquisite taste, from the Hongkong civilian ice room restaurant in central business the hot zone, and prosperity. So what are the characteristics of the development of 2016 Hong Kong style milk tea store


, Hong Kong style milk tea stores began to penetrate the market, product competition to upgrade

the tea industry as an emerging industry segments, beverage manufacturing industry, since 2005 the rapid growth of sales, and higher gross margin, attracted many market participants to enter, Hot Tea, HK Style stores began to penetrate the market. The competition of domestic milk tea store is mainly the competition of brand. With the influx of tea shops, tea industry competition will be more reflected the franchise brand reputation, affinity, food safety, product quality, product quality, channel penetration, advertising, product innovation, product packaging design and promotion, consumption concept advocated and other aspects of the competition in the Hot Tea, HK Style.

two, the gradual expansion of consumer groups, the audience gradually expand the scope of

With the improvement of the income level of the domestic residents, the tourism and leisure consumption has become an important part of the life of the residents in. Tea as a fashionable drink and leisure consumer drinks, with the characteristics of convenient and fast fashion, welcomed by the market. Most consumers of tea products are the pursuit of the trend of young consumers. With the continuous development of the economy and the growth of disposable income of residents, as well as the continuous upgrading and diversification of milk tea products, tea consumption groups continue to expand, the audience gradually expanded. The original consumer tea products based on female consumer groups, in recent years the male consumer groups have also been expanding consumer products; tea to the original 15-25 years old, in recent years, people of all ages and gradually accepted; consumers tea original products based on students, in recent years to a variety of occupation population penetration; in addition, the tea market continue to promote.

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