What is the business secret of the famous beverage store profit

we know the cost of the beverage industry is very low, a lot of people are to a small tea shop, but some business is very cold and some very hot. There is a little-known beverage shop in Tianjin, do not look at the small area of only 20 square meters, but the profit is not low, net profit of more than 500 thousand yuan a year. So what’s the secret of making money in this drink shop,


location secret: mouth accounted for angle, accounted for

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Third, if it is the most ideal near the bus station, I shop although not near, but not far away, about 150 meters, when many people waiting for the bus will buy a drink.

in addition, be sure to stay away from the restaurant located at least 300 – 500 meters. Because a restaurant itself is selling drinks, and I formed a competition, but very few people will go to a restaurant with a cup of drink into the store habit; two is the restaurant around there are many cigarette and liquor vendor they are selling, drinks, and I formed a competition. Due to different customer needs, I have little competitive advantage.

A, drink drink has become a habit, and now many young people at home do not drink.

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