Venture from where How to avoid

since the zero risk does not exist in the world of the project, so there exists the risk of entrepreneurship, in order to ensure the success of entrepreneurship, we certainly have to be avoided, but the premise is to avoid the risk of a new venture, we need to know where it comes from!

three procedures to resolve contradictions — how to deal with these three problems to resolve the risks? Approach is to simulate the start of the business set up a simulation program. The program consists of three parts.

A, anatomy.

Determined by a

I just found

two, validation.

of dissected project elements one by one to carry out the inspection, prove its feasible or not. If you can complete the project before the scale of the main content of the project is directly related to the success or failure of investment. There are usually two important points in the manufacture of a product: first, technology, and the two is the market. Technical inspection object: advanced degree, core, >

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