The grain fish powder joining process

when seen from the inside of the television on the streets of Hongkong, fish meal, what snacks seemed to be very delicious, even if it is now that I think is also very good. Of course, fish powder is the current popular delicacy taste high streets and back lanes, five cottage Restaurant Management Co., the company’s "grain fish powder" is an excellent Rice noodles franchise brand, currently in the country already has more than 1 thousand brand stores, in the market has a great reputation, with grain production of fish powder, create a healthy the nutrition and delicacy for the vast number of consumers.

grain fish powder franchise? How to join the whole fish meal?

"grains fish powder" the Rice noodles to join the brand, so many chose his franchisee achievements of small fortune, small investment, big profit fast project, is a small venture investors choice.

grain fish powder joining process is introduced:

01 consulting to understand

by " " grain fish powder; join the site to join the advisory telephone,

02 inspection contract

you are welcome to Wuhan, Shenzhen or Zhengzhou branch for field trips

03 address audit

to find the store address, please call us to confirm (to ensure the protection of 500 meters)

04 storefront renovation

send store size, let us design uniform style for you to decorate

05 technical training

to determine the opening hours to the company for a period of three days of technical training (package teaching package)

06 raw material reserve

ten days before the opening of the order of raw materials (fresh raw materials need to be opened the day before the purchase)

07 opening support

three days before the opening of the company will appoint a professional technical supervision, home support to open to ensure that the taste of pure

08 supervised

company has technical staff to guide


above is the simple introduction of fish powder grain joining process, if you still have what other problems you want to know.

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